Frosty 5k and Merry mile

So, our friend Nikki has conned us into running another 5k.

I’ve grown to love, tolerate,  ok, ok, LIKE running, over the last few years.  Steph got me into it by suggesting we start the C25k program about 2 years ago, which led to us running our first 5k together!  We ended up running in 2 5k’s that fall and another 2 last fall!

We managed to get a few girls from work to join us on our quest to run our personal bests, and now, somehow, I’ve been convinced to run again, only this time in the dead of winter.

I hate winter.  I’m hoping the snow shoes can sway me. I don’t think this 5k will.

But….not only has Nikki conned me into running in the dead of winter, she’s also conned me into running my first 10k in June. Ugh. Now you know why I’m becoming a morning person with these 5:30 am work outs. I can’t let her out run me, can I? I’m still working on Steph, she’s the busier of us and may already have another commitment then 😉

While Steph and her hubby are busy doing P90x, this is what I’ve been up to (haven’t quite been able to convince my hubby to join me, yet, but he did get his own snow shoes, so we may be on to something)!

My weekly workout routine so far:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 30 min treadmill run with incline intervals / 30 each pushups (the girly kind so far), sit ups, and bench dips
  • Tuesday, Thursday (alternating weeks) Reebok kettle bell workout and Jillian Michael’s Yoga meltdown
  • Saturday and Sunday off, but I usually sneak in a few miles of walking with my big Benny boy
  • And because I want toned arms for my 20th high school reunion this summer, I have been pretty faithful about doing this every night
My running partner

Big Ben, my running partner



What is your favorite workout routine?

Do you have a running partner?

6 thoughts on “Frosty 5k and Merry mile

  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog because this year my bestir and I started the couch25k together. We meet at the gym at 5 am faithfully. So I’m excited to follow you on your journey and hope to be inspired along the way.

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