Thrown to the wolves??

Today started off with a bang!  I planned on starting out with a quick run, excited to try out my new under armour cold gear tights and wear my Brooks outside for the first time! They are tired of the treadmill, and so am I. So, I hooked Benny up and headed out the door!
First half mile, we walked without incident.  Started to jog at the half mile mark and made it less than 1/4 mile more. ugh.  Between having to hike up my new tights 1,000 times and nearly killing myself slipping on black ice, I decided to call the run off and just walk!


Just past the mile mark (yes, I have my main routes memorized by 1/2 mile intervals!), a fox crossed the road ahead of us!  It was cute and nothing we haven’t seen before. Made it another 1/2 mile and decided to turn around, forgot my gloves and my hands were starting to freeze!
Very soon, we see another fox cross, this time in front of a Suburban, again, no big deal, Benny and I could take a fox if we had to, but when Mr. Suburban felt it necessary to stop and tell us to be careful, as he had seen a wolf on the side of the road a few yards back (the direction we were headed!), I must admit I got a little worried!
We made it to the bridge and, though we did see some paw prints headed into the woods, we did not see the wolf, thank you God!


Little over 1/2 mile more and we were home! 
It’s funny what goes through your head when you are faced with the possibility of being met by a wild animal…. good thing I had my moose along to protect me 🙂

Now off to the grocery store! Have a great day!

What type of animals scare you?

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