Cozy bed and Running shoes?

Man,  I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. The alarm went off at 5:10, and I spent the next 15 minutes trying to rationalize why staying in bed until 6 would be a better option than getting up and working out. Thank God I couldn’t find a valid reason, so I got up and did the 30 day shred. Felt amazing less than 5 minutes in, but I’m sure I’ll have the same conversation with myself again in the morning.
I decided to stray from the usual smoothie for breakfast and went with a bowl of Special K red berries, unsweetened original almond milk, a sliced banana, and tablespoon of chia seed.



Question for you.
Steph and I went to a shoe store not too long ago to have our gaits evaluated. Turns out, I’m a pronator. I tried on various pairs of guidance shoes, and ended up going with the Brooks Ravenna 3. I like them, they’re comfy! Problem is, when I wear them, my right foot falls asleep. I’ve been wondering if lacing them differently would help and need your advice!

Thanks in advance! ~mandy

What are your favorite running shoes? Do you lace them traditionally?

4 thoughts on “Cozy bed and Running shoes?

  1. I CAN help you! Lace you shoes normally until you get to the last two eyelets. make a loop on the same side with the last two eyelets on each side. ( you will run the shoelace thru the big loop you’ve made at the top of each side. Tie normally. This prevents a strangulation effect from tight lacing, and also prevents heel slippage.

  2. i hope that worked…i was going to suggest it as well. brooks was always my top choice in a running shoe. i tried asics once and got shin splints after less than a mile! good work on sticking with it, my sister. i am very proud of you! 🙂

    • Not a lot of success yet. I have a hybrid lace job going on right now, and it may be helping a tad. I’m blaming it all on the treadmill anyway! Hoping once I can run on clear roads in the sunshine, I will be able to love the shoes!!
      Keep ya posted,

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