Cold weather running and slacker of the week!

Hmmm. Well, that was interesting!  Running a 5k in sub zero weather was not as appealing as it sounds.  Although I was dressed warm enough, I couldn’t seem to get my breathing right.  Maybe because my lips were frozen?  I was not aiming for a PR, just in it to have fun….mission accomplished! Crossed the finish in tandem with Nikki (32:17), and watched my BFF from high school get the first place medal in our age group (25 min…way to go, Vern!!)!

I totally slacked all week and that may have something to do with it, too. I did not exercise all week, other than an arm pyramid work out once or twice, and I fell off the junk food wagon! 
But, it was Benjamin’s 8th birthday, so I HAD to eat cupcakes, right?


It was also Declare It Day yesterday, and I’m totally recommitted now!


Love Fellow Flowers!

Happy Sunday, here’s to a productive week!

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