Weekly recap

Monday’s breakfast! Super yum…Special K red berry waffles topped with coconut oil, vanilla Greek yogurt, mixed berries, chia seeds, banana, and a side of Naked Juice! (a tad out of focus… must’ve been pretty coffee photography)


Haven’t had Mac and Cheese in ages and have been wanting to give Annie’s a try. Highly recommended!


Picked up some hemp seeds at GNC. Can’t wait to try them!


Weekly workouts:

Monday AM: 30 minutes of torture Jillian kettlebell DVD
Tuesday AM: ditto. PM: 5 mile dog walk
Wednesday: rest day….yes, in the middle of the week. Jillian seriously killed my legs to the point that I was tempted to call the hubby on my walk Tuesday night to come pick me up. He was at work 😦
Thursday AM: Jillian kettlebell PM: 2.5miles on the treadmill
Friday AM: will be doing Jillian kettlebell again……followed by an evening with my granddaughters! Miss them like mad, it’s been 2 weeks!

P.S. It’s April and no, that’s not dandruff.


Happy spring?

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?
looking at 4 to 8 inches of snow tonight in the UP

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