Crabby week and phone dump version 1

I was never so happy for a week to end as I was this week!  I won’t bore you with the boring work details, but here’s hoping next week goes better.

As far as exercise, I was pretty lax.

Monday started with a nice 2 mile run at 5:30 am. It was 50° as the sun was rising….gorgeous!

Tuesday was 30 day shred level 2.

Wednesday I did Nada

Ditto Thursday and Friday…. boo,me!

Today I drove to my mom’s (about 150 miles), did some shopping, had a few beers and some fish tacos!
Tomorrow morning I’m running a 5k!

And now please enjoy my over first phone dump!



Bad dog eating toilet paper while I get ready for work


The teenagers new ride (he’s the dork on the driver’s side)


My wild Wednesday night


Breakfast smoothie and turkey wrap lunch


Red velvet cupcake from a coworker on a crappy day!




And last but not least….
My 5k bling 😉


Happy Saturday!


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