Who knew?

Stretching does wonders! Well, I guess I knew that, but today is the first time I actually really did it before and after a run. I spent a good 20 minutes this morning doing hamstring, quad, hip flexor, and IT band stretching before my run. I also wore one of these, and stretched some more after the run.

Holy difference!  My hip/knee did not hurt at all while running, and though they do hurt a little now, I still feel 80% better than after the last 5k I ran!

So to all of you who told me to stretch more, thank you, and you can give me a big ole I told ya so!


Timber Rattlers game ticket and a finisher medal!  First medal for the collection!


Post race breakfast my step dad made!

Took a nice walk with my Benner after driving 100+ miles home post race. Have I mentioned how much I love the Charity Miles app? The only problem is that I forget to use it!






Sometimes I love where I live! Especially when winter finally ends 🙂

Unofficial 5k time today of 30:32, I think. Almost where I want to be, and better than my last time! I’m getting there!

Finished off the night with a quick bike ride!

Off to finish the laundry now….happy Sunday!

Quote of the weekend by my cousin, Mary: “I wonder who Cinco de Mayo was, anyway?”


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