Wild Wednesday :)

Tonight, the hubs and I bought kayaks! So much fun, and not too shabby of an upper body work out either (don’t tell the hubs he’s working out…shhh)! My arms were already sore from increasing my dumbbells to 8 lbs. yesterday with Jillian 🙂
Neither one of us have ever kayaked before, but we managed not to capsize!


How cute are we?!


Had to be pink, naturally!


And we saw a bald eagle!

Loved it, to say the least! I see this happening a lot! And it doesn’t hurt that the river is only 1/2 mile from home!

Hopefully this beautiful weather is here to stay. Managed to get a 2 mile jog in with my running partner this morning before work! Peaceful way to start the day for sure!

Hey! My grandbaby turned 3 yesterday!


Laying on her sissy!


I love those two!


Mother’s day gift from my most thoughtful hubby! I love him, too!

Have a fantastic week!


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