Goal setting…then crushing.

As I sit here tonight and watch the devastation in Oklahoma, I realize how lucky I am. I have a happy, healthy family and we are together and safe.

In light of this, I’m setting some new goals simply because I can.


No more 10 pound kettlebell. It’ll be 20 from here on out. I must admit I was a little tickled when I did my Jillian Michaels “Shred it with Weights” DVD yesterday and felt the 10# was too easy.

Run as many 5k’s this spring/summer as I can. Next year, it’s all 10k’s, and at least 1 half marathon! I know I can do this, I just have to do it. I want to crush my 5k goal of 28 min before moving on.
Worry less about work. I may spend more time there than I do with my family, but I need to leave work there when I am done for the day. No need to bring the stress home and be miserable anymore!

Eat less junk! Candy and Taco Bell are my pitfalls……this is going to be the hardest 🙂



Tell me some goals you plan on crushing!


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One thought on “Goal setting…then crushing.

  1. Whew! Maybe a 10# jump in kettlebell was a little too ambitious! Managed to do most of the workout with the 20#, but did have to bring out the 10#, too! I need to invest in a 15# 🙂 Happy days!

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