To half, or not to half….

I already know the answer to this, but I feel it’s such a jump to go directly from 5k to 13.1, I just need some moral support!

I know I CAN do it, I just need to put the effort into training for it. I mean, I already work out everyday, and I run on occasion. That will need to change a little drastically.

The half I’m looking at is in September, so I have plenty of time to prepare, and I think I have my bestie-in-training, Nikki, talked into running it with me!

Motivation from my friend, Kim!



I got this.

Any tips from the seasoned professionals out there?


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4 thoughts on “To half, or not to half….

  1. Plenty of time, go for it! Find a training plan online that’s suited for someone able to do a 5k that is aiming for a half marathon, and with as much time as you have, it won’t be bad at all. Most plans I’ve seen have you running a few short runs and one long run per week. Best of luck to ya!

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