Camp weekend

We spent the weekend at camp and it was fabulous! We left Friday after torture work, and stopped here, for the most amazing fish fry ever on the way. Ok, my fish wasn’t fried, but it was the best poor man’s lobster I’ve had! And I did take a bite of the Hubby’s fried perch and it was delish!

We got up Saturday morning to overcast skies with threats of storms. By early afternoon, the sun came out and we loaded up the kayaks and headed off to Lake O’Neil, which is practically our own private lake. It’s tiny, off the beaten path, and there was no one in sight. Kinda felt horror movieish for a minute!

Scenes from Saturday


There were a zillion tadpoles, turtles, and blue gill in the lake!

We then headed to try our luck at Porterfield lake, but a few things got in the way. 1. Kayaks were wet and didn’t want to stay put on top of the Ranger, which meant many stops to re tighten straps. 2. I was hungry. 3. Mosquitoes were hungry. 4. It started to rain. 5. Did I mention I was hungry?
Note to self, when your husband of nearly 19 years suggests stopping back at camp to grab a sandwich before heading to another lake, you should listen to him. Thankfully, he understands my “hanger” – hungry anger. He did suggest I start carrying a Snickers bar and then proceeded to compare me to the hangry people in the commercials. So true, he knows me!


Pictures! Allow me to translate, starting at top left:
1 and 2. Getting my “redneck” on! 
3. A zillion tadpoles, I was bewildered
4 and 5. Turtles!
6. Don’t be jealous, I’m married to that fashionista
7. “Hanger” is setting in
8. He is aware of #7
9. Hubby making me his famous homemade french fries 🙂

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too!

“Hanger” please tell me I’m not alone!


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