Happy Father’s Day and a Skinny Mom giveaway (link)

My dad with his one and only grandson on his first birthday! My dad has been gone for 6 years now and we sure miss him everyday! The baby in this picture is now a 16 year old with his own car and a part time job… yikes! I miss that baby, too! But I must say he’s growing up to be a fine young man, I’m a proud momma!


And here’s the hubs with his Father’s Day weed eater! I love him, and the fact that he spent an hour in Home Depot discussing his success with different brands of weed eaters with an older gentleman who was in the market for a new one!


Happy Father’s Day to all the supportive dads out there 🙂

Now here’s a little something for us moms! Skinny Mom is hosting a Cozy Orange active wear giveaway, check it out here! It’s pretty awesome.

Hope your weekend has been as good as mine!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day and a Skinny Mom giveaway (link)

  1. I lost my Dad 7 years ago so I know it’s hard on Father’s Day, but I’m glad you had a good one with the hubby! Men and their tools…who would have thought a weed eater would be exciting when we were kids? 🙂

    • No kidding! Seriously, how many power tools do you need? But, I do love my shoes, so I’ll cut him some slack I suppose 🙂 Sorry for your loss, too.

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