Feeling the love and can’t wait to shuffle!

First off, I need to send out a humongous thank you to my fellow Sweat Pink Sisters! Oh my goodness, I invited them to like my Facebook page and was completely overwhelmed! Thanks ladies! For those of you who haven’t checked it out, you can do so here. I have a little giveaway going on over there to celebrate over 100 likes!
Happy second #sweatpinkbirthday to the fab Fit Approach, and thanks for allowing me to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!
As part of their birthday celebration, you can take 20% off your order in the Fit Approach store by using the code SWEATPINKBIRTHDAY!! at checkout! Awesome!

I was also totally flattered when a dear childhood friend and classmate posted this on her Facebook page:

I’ve been inspired by one of my facebook friends. (She was also one of my class mates) Mandy is always talking about some form of exercise. Today I decided to get rid of all the junk food I have in the house and I went shopping for the good stuff. Thanks Mandy”

No, Kim, thank YOU!



So true, goes to show you that even if you think no one is watching, they are!

Tomorrow, Nikki, my second bestie, and I are doing the Kolour Shuffle!

We’re bringing our friend Tara to cheer us on and have recruited my mom to take pictures! Can’t wait, should be a blast!

Since we’ll be driving 2 hours for the race, it will be followed by grabbing lunch and hitting the mall! Woot!

Monday starts my 30 day challenge. My goals are to not eat any junk food (candy at work is my downfall), fast food (which I don’t eat much of anymore anyway) and to get some definition in my arms and abs! I told my friend Jaime, keeper of said candy at work, she may have to put a mousetrap in the candy jar to keep me out!
I guess we’ll see if abs are truly made in the kitchen 🙂

And though I do manage to get up at least 3-4 days most weeks, this will be my motto for the next 30 days:

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Anyone racing this weekend?

Color runs, anything I need to know?

Sweat Pink Family…..YOU ROCK!


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