First 15k and Frog Fuel Review!

Greetings from Minnesota! For the last 19 years (to my Facebook friends, I miscalculated my status that said 20), we have come to Schmidtke’s fabulous Woodland Resort!


This year we got off to a late start because I signed up to run my first 15k the morning we were to leave!
It was a perfect morning to run. Sunny, warm, not too hot, and plenty of shade on the trail! I got up early to eat some cereal, have my coffee, and stretch. A lot.
Here’s Nikki and I pre race!


A while back, I was contacted by Frog Performance about reviewing their Frog Fuel protein and energy shots. I had tried the energy shot before on a shorter run, and to be quite honest, the 80mg of caffeine in addition to my one cup of morning coffee and no breakfast first, left me a little jittery! But, I did have an amazingly quick (for me) run! I then thought I’d give the protein shot, same ingredients sans caffeine, a try and had not so good results. Crappy run, but maybe I just wasn’t feeling it.

Back to the 15k. I felt I was properly fooded up, but still leery about getting jittery and a pukey stomach (I was a little nervous for this race!), I choked gulped down about half of the packet 30 minutes prior to go time. I will say, it is not the best berry tasting thing I’ve ever consumed.
Wow! First mile in just over 9 minutes! That’s fast for me! And first 3 in just over 28, with no stopping until the third mile? Unheard of! It was at this point I wished I had used the whole pouch, or at least carried the rest with me! I only stopped to walk twice in the entire 9.3 miles, and finished in 1:37.30! Now, this may have been due to the Frog Fuel, or the fact that I had the only competitor in the 70+ age group on my heels the whole race and I was NOT about to let him pass me! Either way, I impressed myself! Bottom line, I would recommend this product and will most likely use it again myself!

And now, even though the weather is overcast and chilly, I will enjoy my vacation! And anxiously await my first half marathon next month!

A little about Frog Fuel (source)



FrogFuel liquid protein starts working immediately at the cellular level to increase strength, prolong endurance, and accelerate recovery.

FrogFuel Is a Patent-Pending Complete Collagen Protein and FDA Qualified Medical Food
The patent pending formula includes enhanced amino acids and taurine for maximum power.  Because of its rapid absorption FrogFuel can be taken before, during, or after a workout and provides the optimum nutrition to exercise for sustained periods at peak performance.

FrogFuel Is ‘Pre-digested’
FrogFuel is pre-digested using papain (a fruit enzyme found in papayas).  Papain breaks down the peptide bonds in the protein allowing for rapid delivery of nearly 100% protein at the cellular level.  Faster absorption means better performance and quicker recovery.

FrogFuel Is a Pure Collagen Protein
Why Collagen?
Collagen is second only to water in terms of volume in the body.
Collagen is found in all of our connective tissues, such as bones, tendons, dermis and ligaments as well as cartilage, teeth and muscles.

Benefits of Collagen:
Improved skin and Muscle Tone
Increased joint Flexibility
Healthier bones, Arteries, Hair, and Teeth

FrogFuel Has Taurine
A key ingredient in FrogFuel is taurine, which acts quickly to open cells for the protein to enter and rebuild muscles and aid in recovery. Taurine reduces oxidative stress under extreme physical exertion where lactic acid builds up in the muscle.  Contrary to popular marketing campaigns taurine is not an energy enhancer.

FrogFuel Has Enhanced Aminos
Enhanced amount of Cysteine
Assists in proper function of immune system
Strong antioxidant properties
Neutralizes toxins and deactivates free radicals.
Enhanced amount of Histidine
Critical for blood hemoglobin
Crucial in the production of red and white blood cells
Enhanced amount of Methionine
Critical for maintaining hair, skin and nails
Increases output of lecithin by liver, helping lower cholesterol

FrogFuel Energized Protein Has Caffeine
Caffeine does improve performance. Caffeine combined with our rapidly absorbed protein provides unparalleled support before and during exercise.

Proteins form the body’s main structural elements and are found in every cell and tissue.  Your body uses proteins to build and repair muscles, bone, connective tissue, skin, and virtually every other body part and tissue.  Protein supplements is a necessity for those who desire to achieve the optimal performance to be one of the elite. 

* FrogFuel’s liquid protein has been qualified as a medical food by the Food and Drug Administration.  As such, it is important to consult with a medical professional for the best use of protein in your diet.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

*disclaimer: I was not compensated in anyway by Frog Performance for this post. I was given product to review, all opinions are my own*

Peace out and have a fabulous week!


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