A few things that finally happened!

No one has ever accused me of being the most coordinated person they know. I mean, you should come over and do a workout video with me some time! No. Don’t.

Turns out I had a mini “Run from Hell” yesterday.

First running injury

Problem 1:  So, after a cruddy week day at work, I thought going for a run would be just the thing to cheer me up. Less than a mile in, I took a little spill. I have no idea how it happened, but I’m guessing the combination of slick mud, a 100+ pound moose on a leash, and my grace got the best of me.
Being the true runner that I am, the first thing I did was pause my Nike plus app! I thought about calling the hubs to come get me, but I was too cranky to give up on my run at 7/10ths of a mile. No way. I got up, brushed the muddy gravel off, and hobbled along for a little way down the road.
OK, it’s not too bad! Not enough pain with walking to chalk this run up to a loss, so I started the Nike app back up and took off! Turns out, I didn’t turn it back on, but I was only 1/4 mile in before I noticed.
Pretty sure an ankle shouldn’t look like this.


Problem 2: I was in such a rush to get out and run, I put my knee sleeve on after I had my running capris on. Enter, the sleeve slip. Uggh. After about 3 miles I had to stop and adjust it. Yeah, that worked for about 2 seconds.  It was down around my knee for the remainder of the jaunt.

Problem 3: Ever wear an armband that just won’t stay up? Me, too. How about trying to adjust it as your running with one of these??


No fun. I did manage a total of 5 “If it can go wrong, it will” miles. And finished my night off with an Epsom salt bath and animal crackers!

On a happier note, let’s rewind to last weekend.  As a sort of last minute decision, Nikki and I decided to do Leif’s Run, a 5k in our home town in honor of Leif Erickson Day. This race is organized by my favorite high school teacher, Mr. Lynch. (I’ll tell you he taught English, but I’m afraid he’ll cringe at my grammar if he reads this)
Miss Nicole ran like a rocket and came in with a big PR at 28:28! I also PR’d, but was a tad slower, coming in at 29:17! Yes! Finally happened! First official 5k under 30 minutes!
I also earned a very nice viking ship necklace for coming in first in my age group. Though, I may or may not have been the only one IN my age group. I’ll never tell!
We had such a cute cheerleader for this race! Nikki’s sisters dog, Rusty.


We weren’t the only ones to PR! The teenager medaled in his cross country meet with a PR of 20:38 in his 5k. Way to go, son!
He has shaved about 4 minutes off his time so far this season alone!

This weekend, Nik and I will be running our first competitive 10k. Figured we might as well close the year out with a 5k, 10k, 15k, and a half marathon! Then the 26.2 training begins 🙂

But tonight, my friends, consists of pizza and a few of these


along with a little RICE for the ankle!

Cheers 🙂

First running injury, who wants to share?

Marathon training, am I NUTS?


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