10 things Tuesday!

If you follow my blog, you know a few things about me already..I’m a dork, I have a big moose of a running partner, and I’m a dork.

Here are 10 things you may not know, but will surely prove the dork factor!

1.  Mork and Mindy was my favorite show as a kid and I rocked the rainbow suspenders! I also loved The Facts of Life and Silver Spoons.


2. I knew my husband was the one for me the first time I hopped up in his big jacked up truck and he asked me move over and sit right next to him.


Who wouldn’t love him? He makes homemade French fries!

3. I was painfully shy as a kid, and cried every single day in kindergarten. I’m still shy to this day, but I think it gets misconstrued and now people just think I’m being rude.

4. I could live off peanut butter Captain Crunch and Home Run Inn frozen pizza but, sadly, I won’t.


5.  I’ve never had a dog that didn’t walk all over me.


6. I completely rock out to 80’s music in my car. Tonight was Kenny Loggins “I’m alright”, but I totally sang “ham on rye” the whole way home 🙂

7. I sang Kenny Loggins “Return to Pooh Corner” to my 17 year old everyday when he was a baby. I can’t sing it today without crying.


8.  I’m a huge crybaby. The hubs and I went to see Toy Story 3 in the theater and I bawled like a baby. But let’s be honest, I can hardly watch any animated movie without bawling like a baby.

9.  I’m addicted to coconut oil. I put it in smoothies, I cook with it, I put it on pancakes, I wash my face with it, and I just started using it for oil pulling.

10. In my next life, I will be a chicken raising, kombucha brewing, all natural, everything homemade mama with my very own specialty running store! If I’m lucky, that still may happen in this life.

And just for fun, 11. I used to hate running. I used to think why on earth would anyone want to run for an hour, let alone 2 or 3???? And now, here it is in black and white..my next adventure:



Woohoo! Let the training begin!


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