If I blog about it, I have to do it. Right?

Ok. With no more races scheduled in my immediate future, and no 30 day challenge group set up for November (yet….), I declared on my Facebook page that I will run 100 miles in November. No, this is not a lot of miles to spread over a month, but since I’ve made this declaration, it seems all my motivation flew out the window!

Not even this face is helping.


Don’t get me wrong, I have been exercising, and I LOVE this 25 minute workout! I just can’t find the motivation to run!
This is what my running partner thinks about my working out rather than running…


Yeah, they make a nice chew toy apparently.

So I need YOUR help to keep me accountable! I have no reason not to either get outside (Lord knows I have enough cold gear!) or hop on the dreadmill. I will hit 100 miles in November!

Perhaps I need one of these?


Anyone else in a running slump?
Maybe it’s just the weather? Old man winter is knocking on the door….


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