Out with the old!

With 2013 coming to an end, I’m sure most of you are setting your resolutions. Not me. No resolutions this year. Well..ok, maybe one. But one I know I can stick to. Wanna hear it? Here it goes!

It’s gonna be tough, but I think I can manage…hee, hee 🙂

But seriously, 2014 will bring some changes for me. I’ll be starting a new job! After 10 years of nursing in a specialty pain clinic, I’m moving on to the VA hospital. I’ll be starting in ICU and ED, and who knows where I’ll go from there?! Exciting and scary at the same time, but I can’t wait! Yikes! I might have to brush up on my actual nursing skills! It’s been awhile.

I’m also planning on running my first marathon in the Fall with bestie, Nikki! This is also scary and exciting! More exciting though, as I already have my 20 mile training run mapped out and the race isn’t until September! Yeah.. I’m not right, but you should know that by now!

2013 has been good to me. I ran the “hat trick” of races. At least that’s what I’m calling it…5k, 10k, 15k, and half marathon! The 10,15, and half were all firsts for me! Got a little speedier and a little stronger. And got a lot more healthy!

I have a happy, healthy family… and they’ll be getting healthier soon 😉 Hee Hee Hee….

I have old friends and new friends, and I don’t want for anything. Can’t ask for more than that!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year! May your races be fast and your medals be shiny!

I’ll leave you with another declaration I’m resolving to follow:


Now, quick! Off to finish up all the chips and cookies in the house before midnight!

Happy New Year from The Running Besties!



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