It’s official!

My husband has started to RUN! That’s right, I said run. Yes, it’s only been 3 days, but I am beyond proud! He committed today to start the C25k program (couch to 5k) and is actually talking about the possibility of running a 5k with me!
We’d love to get the teenager to commit to this, too.. since he is a cross country runner 🙂 But we’ll start with baby steps!

Another official announcement today is that I accepted a job offer at the Veteran’s Administration hospital! I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but made it official today. This is a HUGE change for me, and WAY out of my comfort zone, but it will all work out. I’m making a jump from being an RN in a specialty clinic for the last 10 years, basically behind a desk for the last 5, to working in the ICU and Emergency department. Yikes!
I’m also making a change from day shift, no weekends/holidays to an afternoon shift with all of the above! Crazy, yes… I am.
Without change, there is no growth.


Here’s to new adventures!

Do you run with your spouse?

Leap of faith…who’s taken one career wise?


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3 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. Whoo, excited for y’all! I’ve tried to get my guy to run with me but he’s pretty much a strict lifter kinda dude. Oh well he comes to all my races so I can’t be mad lol. I hope y’all run a 5k together!

  2. So happy for your new job challenge! And also for Al – Alan and I both think that it’s an awesome journey that he’s started on… and wish him and you the best of luck! Career wise leap of faith?? Accepting a job in Dallas and being so nervous about driving on the freeways that I kept taking the wrong turns – good thing that I left so early in the morning! Coming home I would find myself heading to Ft. Worth on several occasions! Also – mastering office machines that I’d never heard of – thank goodness it all turned out well… several promotions and a couple of location changes later I can say that I had a good career. Nothing is as constant as change – you might as well learn to deal with it! Running with my hubby? Not so much – lol! But it’s all ok!

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