Motivation Monday

I’m back! Well, at least for now. I really, really have to get better at being a faithful blogger. I will. In time 🙂
Blogging hasn’t been the only thing I’ve been neglecting. My running, exercise, and eating habits have been horrendous hmm, let’s just say…not so good.

But all that is changing as of today! I have a half marathon coming up in May, and my very first full fledged 26.2 mile freaking MARATHON this fall! These puppies ain’t gonna run themselves!


Started off today with 4 miles on the treadmill in my shiny new Asics Gel Nimbus 15’s. Love these!

I’ll be loosely following this training plan for my upcoming half.

And when I say loosely, I obviously mean it since today was supposed to be a rest day!

So, get ready for lots of blogging between here and 26.2. I need to stay accountable, starting now!

Now, for good measure, here’s a cute puppy pic of my new future running partner!


Maggie May, destroyer of many things!
God, I love her 🙂

Here’s to a happy week!


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