Woohoo! Half #2!

When Nikki made me and I signed up to run the Cellcom half marathon, I was pumped. I could train all winter and PR that sucker! Then, the winter from hell arrived, and we were stuck in at least one polar vortex.
I did have a great start, despite the arctic blast. I was working out and/or running 5 days a week, eating healthy, etc. But I hit a MAJOR slump, and that came to a halt.

It’s OK, I’ve run a half before. No, problem! Yeah….right.

As the date slowly crept closer, I knew I could do it, but seriously considered selling my bib. I was not ready.
Thank God for my bestie, who kept telling me our only goal is to finish this one! The winter was tough on us both.
Yesterday, with my running bestie by my side (my right side…because that’s how we roll), I ran my second half marathon! No, I didn’t PR(Nik did!!), but I did it! And after the lazy winter, I finished in 2:18:18, which is only about 2 min slower than my first!

I definitely have a goal for the next one of 2:15, and know that I will continue to train (I have some mighty tight hips today!) no matter the conditions 💧βš‘β„



There’s just something about running a half marathon that I love. Actually, many things. The atmosphere, the
cheerleaders, the inspiration I get from seeing runners who have handicaps that make my measly complaints about my bum knee completely invalid, and most of all, the finish line.

FYI, I returned those sunglasses immediately after the race, and reminded Nikki of the stipulation in the bestie code to tell me when something makes me look absolutely ridiculous!

The whole experience is amazing, and I hope it never gets old. I plan on running 13.1 as many more times as I’m able!
But, up next on the agenda is 26.2!!
Yikes. I will most definitely be following a training schedule to the T!
Run happy, y’all 🏃

Me, Steph, and Nikki after the race


6 thoughts on “Woohoo! Half #2!

  1. I adore the half marathon distance–it’s definitely my favorite. But I did love training for my full marathon, and I hope to do another this fall! Love the capris, btw–you all looked SMASHING! Great job!

  2. Congrats on a great finish! I’ve definitely been there when I’m training for a half and then life gets in the way, and oops! It’s race day and I didn’t train as much or hard as I would have liked!

  3. Congrats! Good luck with the full training, don’t be afraid to mix it up and take some extra days off as that mileage ramps up to make sure you stay healthy!

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