Hooray! Hooray!

The 26th of May! Marathon training starts today!

You may, or may not have, heard…the Besties are training for a marathon. What? Yes, that’s right, a marathon. 26.2 freaking miles of pure insanity awesomeness!


          My new most favorite motto!

I am tentatively following this Hal Higdon plan. I say tentatively because I am not the best plan follower. Today called for cross training, so I ran three miles. Point made.
Well, I’ll just flip-flop Monday and Tuesday for this week and call it good 😉
*I am really, really, really going to try to stick to this as closely as possible!*

I’ve also decided to incorporate the Runner’s World runstreak! It’s easy, just run at least one mile per day from Memorial Day to The Fourth of July!


Love these challenges for some extra motivation!

Speaking of Memorial Day, huge thanks to all who have served, are serving, or plan to serve our country! Without you, we would not have the freedoms we do! THANK YOU!


Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Don’t forget to join the runstreak! Use #rwrunstreak on Instagram and Twitter to keep accountable!

5 thoughts on “Hooray! Hooray!

  1. Congrats on setting your goal for your first marathon! I am also training for my first 26.2! Do you a specific marathon in mind to train for? I have a couple…and one may even be a destination race!

  2. I start training for my first marathon June 2nd!! I used a mixture of training plans and put together my own that I think will work best for me. I’m like you though and have a hard time sticking to plans. Good luck in training I can’t wait to follow along!

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