What were we thinking??

So, this is really happening. In 30 days. Am I ready? Uh, no.


My marathon training has not been up to par. The 17 miler kinda did me in. Like, did me in to the point I pretty much walked the last 2 miles and had my son pick me up when i hit 17, 1/2 mile from home, because I could not go another step. Blah…

A trip to the chiropractor has helped, but I’ve learned that I need to focus on my diet a bit more! Must properly fuel days before a looong run! That, and foam roll. My nemesis.

13 miler today was not much better. Enter diet. One cannot run 13 miles after eating pizza two nights in a row,and having a cup of coffee and a Buddy Fruits squeeze in the morning. Well, one CAN, but it won’t be pretty!


Slowest 13 miles I’ve ever run, but 13 miles none the less.

💜love my new Garmin, tho💜


And the Buddy Fruits WAS good 👍

So, for the next 30 days, I will be more dedicated. I will eat better, sleep better, drink less beer, and run more miles!

Can I do it? Yes
Will I do it? Yes
Will it kill me? Maybe
Will it make me stronger? Yes (if it doesn’t kill me!)


Here’s to finishing my first 26.2, with my running bestie by my side! Right, Nik? 😁


One thought on “What were we thinking??

  1. Good luck! I am the worst at fueling before long runs – I always think about it before a race, but not before I do a training run! I wish pizza was good fuel, I eat it all the time 🙂

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