What I’ve learned Wednesday

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Training for a marathon is HARD!
At this point, I’m really ready for it to be OVER! A day off without scheduled miles will be nice.

My house might get a proper cleaning, my legs will get a much needed break, and I will be able to stop stressing out about running a marathon!

Here are a few things marathon training has taught me

1. I eat…a lot. Losing weight while marathon training is not a thing. It won’t happen.


2. Ice baths are AMAZING.

3. Long runs will either be awesome, or they will SUCK. Either way, you will finish them.


4. I sweat more than I thought humanly possible.

5. Running in the rain is pretty awesome.


6. Running with your dog is even awesomer.


7. I need this shirt.


8.  I love The Stick.


9.  I hate The Stick.

But, most importantly, I’ve learned…

10.  When you BELIEVE, you will always ACHIEVE!


OMG…I’m running a MARATHON in 4 days!


Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


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