Maybe I should start blogging again Monday

I know it’s Tuesday, but blogging from a smart phone isn’t always smart…anyway, here is the much anticipated post, that wouldn’t upload on Monday!

Ok, since it’s been an eternity awhile, I’ll keep this post simple.

1. I must have this. Kombucha BEER? I think I died and went to heaven.


2. Obligatory mutt pic. It is national puppy day! Glad we got them a king sized bed…..


3. They don’t look pretty, but they are pretty tasty. Slow cooker quinoa bars! Recipe from Taylor at Food Faith Fitness!


4. Gluten free pancakes. These were ah-mazing! Recipe from Natural Sweet Recipes


5. Had a GREAT weekend, despite running my worst half ever. Time to schedule that running evaluation at physical therapy….


Kombucha beer..have you tried it? Where can I get it?

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